One reason why Advertising network haven’t done this is because agency margins are often not as good as those of a network. BEBI in the B2B sector are also investigating programmatic ad buying as a way to boost their media buying efficiency and improve targeting.And that makes sense, because consumers in Canada are spending a lot more time on mobile. While I like the exchange platform as a way to increase Advertising network’s across low quality/high volume inventory, there are certainly limitations, and to be the “largest ad network” in the industry as Yahoo covets, they needed a true ad network. If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is, so be mindful of that.  
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Direct Response advertisers have to be looking at other ways to acquire customers. Of course a network like Undertone may not have as much pure penetration against a niche target, but you don’t need that. The real head scratcher on this is why Advertising network would acquire another ad network. In fact, in countries like Indonesia, the online entertainment giant may face considerable challenges due to unstable internet and attitudes towards paying for content. Lead generation businesses are under siege from the government and random lawsuits (did you catch that 50 cent is suing Traffix – now that is interesting), not to mention that the big brands are now including networks in their buys more often than not.

If there was any theme that arose with Advertising network and vendors interviewed for this report, it was personalization—what that means inside a store, what works and what crosses the line.We were one of the presenting sponsors on Sunday and had an excellent turnout.I am impressed with how many clients have been paying close attention to the consolidation in the ad network space and asking questions about how to sort it all out. We taped the event, so assuming the video comes out okay, I’ll post it soon. To learn more about the Bebi ads you can visit We hope your mail